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Monday, March 16

9:30am CDT

Behind Every Leader JW Marriott Salon 1Ann Hiatt • Victoria Rabin • Rose Terenzio Behind The GIF: The Future of Online Visual Culture ACC Room 12ABAlex Chung • Tim Hwang • Selena Larson • Alan Schaaf • Victoria Taylor Bitcoin at SXSW 2015: What Is Bitcoin? Hilton Austin Downtown Salon GNic Cary • Tatiana Moroz • Sean Neville • Will O\'brien • Stephen Pair Bloggers and Beyond: Brand Partnership & Influencers JW Marriott Room 205Indiana Adams • Bethany Joy Clark Building Businesses on Open Government Data Hilton Austin Downtown Salon EMarc DaCosta • Joel Gurin • Ian Kalin • Jed Sundwall Collaboration and the Open Newsroom Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 1Jeanmarie Condon • David Gehring • Rebecca Howard • Cenk Uygur Creating a New Accelerator for Culinary Business Driskill Hotel MaximilianJody Newman • Celina Pena • Ryan Salts • Blake Yeager Creating Inclusive Startup and Tech Ecosystems ACC Ballroom EPeter Barth • Erin Horne McKinney • Rodney Sampson • Chad Womack Death to Passwords: Mobile Security Done Right JW Marriott Salon ATim Messerschmidt Decoding Our Bodies: A New Era of Citizen Health JW Marriott Room 203-204Linda Avey • Sam De Brouwer • Alan Greene • Jessica Richman Evolve or Die: The Traditional Agency Revolution Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 2Alister Adams • Peter Fasano • John Keehler • Sunni Thompson Expressive Interactive Interfaces Hilton Austin Downtown Salon BJosh Bard • Madeline Gannon • Carmel Majidi • Evan Shimizu Future of Analytics: Info When You Need to Know Radisson Town Lake Riverside BallroomGreg Adams • Erick Brethenoux • Lisa Seacat Deluca • Robin Grosset How Agile Approaches Crack Urban Challenges JW Marriott Room 208DeKoven Ashley • Kaz Ashley • Kaz Brecher • Grace Kim How Chef Watson Changed the Way We Prepare Food Driskill Hotel Driskill BallroomSteve Abrams • James Briscione • Jacquelyn Martino • Dawn Perry • Florian Pinel How to Successfully Work with Brand Innovators Hilton Austin Downtown Salon FTarah Feinberg • David Min • Gregarious Narain • John Ross Latino Opportunities in Technology ACC Ballroom FLiliana Monge • Gregorio Rojas Mobile: How to Build Beyond the Phone JW Marriott Salon BKyle Ellicott • Dash Gopinath • Stephane Marceau • Sean O\'Leary • Redg Snodgrass • Grant Wernick Money Can’t Buy Happiness but Data Can Teach It JW Marriott Salon 7Ofer Leidner • Acacia Parks News or Not? Navigating Native in the Grey Zone Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 4-7Stephanie Agresta • Mark Howard • Stephanie Smith • Sebastian Tomich PanelPicker Tips for Success ACC Room 9ABCTodd Hansen • Kathryn Irwin Retail Tech: What Does the Future Have In-Store? JW Marriott Room 206Emily Culp • Healey Cypher • Uri Minkoff • David Newman • Marc Rosen Science Fiction Becoming a Reality JW Marriott Room 211-212Grant Campany • Robert Kaul Solving the Millennial Content Challenge Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 2-3Jason Dorsey • Joseph Gagnon Steve Seabrook: Better Than You JW Marriott Room 408-409Steve Seabrook Superbugs, Magnets & More: Medicine’s Comeback Kids JW Marriott Room 201-202Bennett Shapiro • Carl Zimmer Surveillance Photography: Personal, Public, Profit JW Marriott Salon 8Katrin Eismann • David Fine • Oskar Kalmaru • Stephen Mayes Tech Talk: Building A Startup Ecosystem Hilton Austin Downtown Salon DJoshua Baer • Jordan Bell-Masterson • Adam Klein • Lawrence Mandes • Marc Nager • Clara Sieg The Case for Design Thinking In Communications Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 3Jason Schlossberg The Next Billion Dollar Company Will Come From EU! Hilton Austin Downtown Salon HJoe Brantuk • Farley Duvall • Dirk Kanngiesser • Andrew Romans Web vs Mobile: The Continuous Delivery Difference JW Marriott Salon DPrathap Dendi • Kevin Rohling What’s Next? Surveillance Reform Post-Snowden JW Marriott Salon 4Robert Chesney • Hanni Fakhoury

11:00am CDT

72 Ways Food Can Change the World Driskill Hotel Driskill BallroomAmanda Kludt • Jessamyn Rodriguez An American Coder in Paris JW Marriott Room 408-409Scott Chacon Beyond the Cloud: Big Data in the Off-Planet Era JW Marriott Room 208Daniel Faber • Jeff Garzik • Martine Rothblatt • Rick Smith Beyond the Money: VC Tools, Community and Support Hilton Austin Downtown Salon ENicola Korzenko • Dan Kozikowski • Brittany Laughlin • Christiaan Vorkink Bionic Pancreas: Getting Closer JW Marriott Room 201-202Edward Damiano • Steven Russell • Yash Sabharwal Bitcoin at SXSW 2015: Bitcoin 2.0 Hilton Austin Downtown Salon GVitalik Buterin • Constance Choi • Patrick Deegan • Joyce Kim • Charlie Lee • Jed Mccaleb Conversations with Digital Natives: Teens Talk Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 2William Goodall • David Polinchock • Sydney Polinchock Crashing Oculus Rift and Hacking New VR Experiences Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 3Sean Gardner • Ben Tan Data Design: Where Math and Art Collide JW Marriott Salon ATrina Chiasson Diversity in Tech Hilton Austin Downtown Salon DJukay Hsu • Diana Lopez-Obaldo • John Lyman • Laura Weidman Powers • Jason Towns Engage Latino Millennials, Change the World! ACC Ballroom EMariana Atencio • Jason Llorenz • Mark Lopez • Alicia Menendez • Elianne Ramos Fashion with A Conscience: Giving Back with Style JW Marriott Room 205Alia Ahmed-Yahia • Christopher Gavigan • Kevin Hurst • Ashley Pittman Healthcare Startup Discussion Austin City Hall How to Create Great Partnerships with Startups Hilton Austin Downtown Salon FPete Blackshaw • Kayode Owens • Gina Squara • Cary Tilds Identity Crisis: You're Not Who You Think You Are JW Marriott Room 211-212Simon Frantz Is Using Your Users OK? Debating User Monetization JW Marriott Salon 7Sofie Pompa • Damon Reeve • Reggie Wideman • Tyler Willis Latinos: Get Your Voice into Product Development ACC Ballroom FKaren Siles • Alberto Vargas Talavera • Becky Trevino Mobile Tech and the Retail Revolution Hyatt Regency Austin Hill Country ABCDDaniel Danker • David Van Epps • Laura Heller Operation Choke Point and Alternative Currencies ACC Room 10ABPerianne Boring • Mark Calabria • Cathy Reisenwitz • Ashe Schow People with Disabilities Can 'Be There' Too ACC Room 12ABHenry Evans • Kavita Krishnaswarmy • Erin Rapacki playing to learn Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 1Alice Brennan • Fidel Martinez • Susan McGregor Race to the Fifth Screen Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 2-3Michael Gorman • Steve Guggenheimer • Austen Mulinder • Nick Rish Reinventing the Cooking Show to a Digital Audience Driskill Hotel MaximilianKelly Cox • Grant Crilly • Aube Giroux • Matt Schoch Secrets to Powerful APIs JW Marriott Salon BJim Heising • Neil Mansilla • Erik Michaels-Ober • Wynn Netherland Shaping Technology for Improved Future Human Life Hilton Austin Downtown Salon BKen Goldberg • Jeremiah Owyang • Thanassis Rikakis • Manuela Veloso Stand Out and Break In: Startup Go to Market Guide Radisson Town Lake Riverside BallroomEric Gore • Michael Gresty • Colleen Hayes • Irina Mladenova Telling Stories With Visualization and Interactivity Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 4-7Steve Duenes The Changing Privacy Landscape JW Marriott Salon 4Nuala O\'Connor • Lee Rainie The Era of the Microbiome JW Marriott Room 203-204Jonathan Eisen • Robert Langer • Bernat Olle • Carl Zimmer The Productive Workplace: UX, Technology and You JW Marriott Salon 1Sarah Deane • Randy Howder • David Rose • Jasper Westaway The Share Economy is Failing. Abort or Retry? ACC Room 6ABGadi Ben-Yehuda Think Like an Animator: Motion on Android JW Marriott Salon DKevin Grant • Zack Sultan Unlocking Global Potential: Science and Technology Hilton Austin Downtown Salon HJennifer Haskell • Jeffrey Margolis • Mandy Sutton • Cynthia Traeger Unspecialize: The More You Know the Less You See JW Marriott Salon 3Daniel Disselkoen We Deserve a Second Chance: Ex-Prisoners-Speak JW Marriott Salon 2Shaka Senghor • Yusef Shakur • Trabian Shorters • Chris Wilson Will Wearables Bring New Purpose to Fashion? JW Marriott Room 206Natsai Audrey Chieza • Alastair Parvin • Beatrice Pembroke • Cassie Robinson

11:15am CDT

12:15pm CDT

12:30pm CDT

3D Bioprinting: The Next Revolution in Healthcare JW Marriott Room 201-202Laura Bosworth • Scott Collins Art vs Purpose: Innovation in Marketing JW Marriott Salon 3Leigh Christie Beyond 140 Characters: How to Stretch Your Limits Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 2-3Meghan Doyle • Stephanie Fuller • Kristin O\'Halloran Bitcoin at SXSW 2015: A Future with Bitcoin Hilton Austin Downtown Salon GJake Benson • Elsa Broeker • Dan Elitzer • Tina Hui • Marco Santori Chef, Reviewer, Guest: Who's Got the Power Today? Driskill Hotel MaximilianKerry Diamond • John A Hall • Chris Stang • Kelly Stocker Community-Driven Apps Defining What’s in Style JW Marriott Room 206Eliza Brooke • Jess Lee • Michelle Persad • Tim Weingarten Conflict Is the Key to Great UX JW Marriott Room 408-409Steve Fisher Content Is King, But Expertise Rules Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 4-7Jay Donovan • Neil Vogel Cultures of Advocacy: People, Product and Change JW Marriott Salon 1Elizabeth Brownsen • Jefferson Burruss • Heather Hvidsten • Tricia Nichols Disruptive Innovators Under Attack Hilton Austin Downtown Salon EFrank Moss • Kevin O\'Malley • Gary Shapiro Dumb App Design: Yo and the Magic Of Minimalism JW Marriott Salon 7Or Arbel • Josh Constine • Joshua S Constine Effective Partnerships: Privacy in a Connected World JW Marriott Salon 4Robert Butler Emergence of Portuguese Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Hilton Austin Downtown Salon HMarco Bravo • José da Franca • João Pereira • Joao Preira • João Vasconcelos • Pedro Rocha Vieira Fork in Hand, Nostalgia at Heart: Food and Heritage Driskill Hotel Driskill BallroomSahar Arafat-Ray • Amy Kritzer • Kay Marley-Dilworth • Annette Priest Ghost Economy Hyatt Regency Austin Hill Country ABCDCindy Lincks • Joe Skorupa • Kevin Sterneckert • Kelland Willis Giants in Search of Automotive Innovation JW Marriott Room 208Derek Kerton • Jenny Kim • Toshiro Muramatsu • Nick Sugimoto How I Built It: In Conversation with Ben Milne Hilton Austin Downtown Salon DTom Foster • Ben Milne Humanizing Digital Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 2Joel Beckerman • Abigail Posner • Randall Stone • Charles Trippy Innovating Development of Cloud, Mobile and Social Radisson Town Lake Riverside BallroomMoe Abdula • Nathan Vega Latin America: Silicon Valley’s New Frontier ACC Ballroom ECarlos Gomez • Josue Gonzalez • Rocio Medina van Nierop • Luis Samra • Megan Zoback Mediated Experiences: Technology and Art Today JW Marriott Salon 2Cezanne Charles • Christian Gaines • Joseph Voss • Keir Winesmith No Accounting for Taste: Maturing Personalization JW Marriott Room 211-212Yashoda Sampath Personalized Medicine: From a Vision Into a Plan JW Marriott Room 203-204Kristine Ashcraft • Mark Bartlett • Jack Bowman • Lynn Dowling Social Media: Balancing Data and Intuition JW Marriott Room 205Cannon Tekstar Hodge • Katalina Sharkey de Solis Surveillance, Trust & Ethics: Restoring the Faith JW Marriott Salon 8Stewart Baker • Emily Bell • Jemima Kiss • Michael P Lynch SXSW Daily Recap ACC Ballroom FTodd Hansen • Susan Lahey • James Moore • Austin Powell Technology, Story, and the Art of Performance ACC Room 12ABMichael Monello • Elena Parker The Dramatic Rise and Impact of Video Journalism Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 1Kareem Ahmed • Steve Oh • Ashish Patel • Ashley Simon The Mobile UX Revolution - Magnificent or Meh JW Marriott Salon BEamonn Carey • Marie Glad • Gabe Karp • Oisin Lunny The Rise of the Creative Economy JW Marriott Salon DScott Belsky • Justin Gignac • Emily Heyward • Ryan Merkley The Science of Happy Design JW Marriott Salon APamela Pavliscak The Silk Road Case: Impacting Our Digital Future ACC Room 6ABLyn Ulbricht We Take It for Granted: Defending All Human Rights ACC Room 10ABKenneth Carter • Tekedra Mawakana • Michael Samway • John Scott-Railton Your Company’s Value Proposition Is Clear As Mud Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 3Jacob Shin

1:00pm CDT

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2:00pm CDT

3:15pm CDT

3:30pm CDT

A Look Inside DARPA JW Marriott Salon 4Dan Kaufman • Danny Yadron A Must for Startups: 10 Tips About Law Enforcement Hilton Austin Downtown Salon ENate Cardozo • Nick Grossman • Nicole Nearing • Marc Rogers • Jamie Tomasello A/B Testing at Scale: Minimizing UI Complexity JW Marriott Salon AChris Saint-Amant Against All Odds: Overcoming Startup Challenges Hilton Austin Downtown Salon FKara Bortone • Laura Entis • Lindy Fishburne • Ethan Perlstein, Ph.d. Anyone Can Prevent Cyberwar: Here's How JW Marriott Salon 8Collin Anderson • Eva Galperin • Ryan Lackey • Bill Marczak • Morgan Marquis-Boire Big Data Startups Should Hire Librarians JW Marriott Room 408-409Jeffrey Lancaster Bitcoin at SXSW 2015: Impact on Developing World Hilton Austin Downtown Salon GConnie Gallippi • Sean Percival • Sebastian Serrano • Peter Smith • Jonathan Zobro Bringing Our A-Game to Technical Venture Funds Hilton Austin Downtown Salon DAntonio Arocha • Reid Calhoon • Kirk Coburn • Oliver Diaz • Jeremy Sweek Cities, Buildings, Screens: New Civic Engagement JW Marriott Room 208Michel Rojkind • Leslie Wolke • Mimi Zeiger Crossing Over: The New Guard of Healthcare JW Marriott Room 203-204Chase Hensel • Christine Lemke • Mitchell Mom • Ashwin Pushpala Do Good and Do Well: How CSR Helps Your Bottom Line JW Marriott Room 206Natalie Byrne • Amanda Cole • Molly Swenson Funding Your Social Startup: Crowdfunding vs VC? Hilton Austin Downtown Salon AAlisa Cordesius • David Heath • Wes Selke • Suzi Sosa Hacking America’s Unhealthy Habits JW Marriott Room 201-202Sean Duffy Hold The Queso: Marketing to Latinas ACC Ballroom FRobyn Moreno IBM and Twitter: The Future of Digital Engagement Radisson Town Lake Riverside BallroomBrian Fanzo • Bryan Kramer • Will Mayo • Maria Winans Let’s Supersize Wi-Fi and Change the Future ACC Room 9ABCJessica Rosenworcel Making the Museum of Food and Drink Driskill Hotel Driskill BallroomDave Arnold • Eliza Barclay • Emma Boast • Peter Kim On the Frontlines of the Social Media Jihad ACC Room 10ABShahed Amanullah • Humera Khan • Nadia Oweidat • Matthew Rice Preserving Local Food Artisans by Going Global Driskill Hotel MaximilianSam Addison • Marla Camp • Anna Smith Clark • Stephanie Mcclenny sadvertising Hyatt Regency Austin Hill Country ABCDKelly Allen • Chris Czmyrid • Allen Stein • Farrell Timlake Science Fiction IRL And Our Road Map To Utopia JW Marriott Salon 3Michael Solana SmartUrbanization: New Perspectives on City Growth Hilton Austin Downtown Salon HJill Fehrenbacher • John Gartner • Adam Gettings • Horace Luke Spatially Literate Design: Space, Place, and UX JW Marriott Salon BJohn Jones • Jennifer Kolstad • Nathan Moody • Mark Wilson Storytelling Engines for Smart Environments ACC Room 12ABMeghan Athavale • Jonathan Belisle • Vincent Routhier • Lance Weiler Technicians of the Sacred: The New Native Apps JW Marriott Salon 2Lewis St. Cyr • Eric Doversberger • Lauren Chief Elk • Wendy Levy • Lynette Wallworth The Changing Face of Influence JW Marriott Room 205Baron Concors • Moj Mahdara • Bethany Mota The Future of Latino Entrepreneurship ACC Ballroom ETony Aguilar • Ruben Cantu • Mark Madrid • Thomas Miranda The Global Pulse JW Marriott Room 211-212Henrik Fohns The Science of Mind-Blowing Videos Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 2Gregory Brown • Ezra Cooperstein • Katrina Craigwell • Mitchell Moffit The Secret Ingredient to Killer Content Marketing Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 4-7Michael Brenner • Nick Stein US Immigration Options for Startups and Beyond Hilton Austin Downtown Salon JSharon Brenner Virtual Reality Journalism Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 1James Milward • Jason Mojica • Taylor Owen • Nonny de la Peña VodkaforDogPeople: Matchmaking a Business Heart ACC Room 6ABBeth Bellanti • Amy Mills What Would WuTang Do? Build a Creative Collective Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 2-3Molly Barton • Emily Best • Josh Davis • Dane McDonald • Joshua Tate When Does 'Culture' Become Bias? JW Marriott Salon 1Sheeroy Desai • Venky Ganesan • Rebecca Grant • Daryll McDade Why Is Spec Creative so Wrong, But Feels so Right? JW Marriott Salon DMichael Griffith Why Your Content Marketing Is Failing, and the Fix Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 3Jeremy Bencken • Joseph Miller

4:00pm CDT

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5:00pm CDT

A Framework for Privacy by Design JW Marriott Salon 7Parry Aftab • Mat Honan Apple, Marilyn and The Pope: Why Brands Need Tension Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 3Michael Sussman Are You A Builder or A Backer? Hilton Austin Downtown Salon ASarah Leary • Aileen Lee • Leena Rao Bitcoin at SXSW 2015: Real World Applications Hilton Austin Downtown Salon GAdam Draper • Vinny Lingham • Adam Ludwin • Nick Sullivan Breaking Bad Boundaries: Latina Entrepreneurship ACC Ballroom FLuisa Frias Bricks Over Screens: Why In-Store Still Matters JW Marriott Room 206Derrick Lewis • Michael Sainato Bridging the Federal & State Data Divide ACC Room 9ABCSusan Combs • Mark Doms Check Online for Session Scheduled in This Timeslot Hilton Austin Downtown Salon K Cognitive Rehab: Designing Past Self-Delusion JW Marriott Salon ADavid McRaney • John Romano Common Skills Language: Key to Sourcing Talent JW Marriott Salon 1Michael Bettersworth Creepy or Cool: Privacy Risks & Social Norms JW Marriott Salon 8Jedidiah Bracy • StJohn Deakins • Joseph Lorenzo Hall • Karen Levy Cuddly Drones: When Kids Design Drones JW Marriott Salon 3Krista Hendriks • Tijmen Schep Direct to Consumer in A Post-Amazon World Hilton Austin Downtown Salon HBayard Winthrop Disrupting Innovation: Book Publishing and New Media Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 2-3Iris Blasi • Ryan Chapman • Aaron Lammer • Jeff Umbro Dramatic Readings by Programmers of Bug Reports JW Marriott Salon DSam Richard • Christopher Schmitt Drones for Good: Journalism and Crowdsourced UAVs JW Marriott Room 208Darren Ansell • Clare Cook • Ben Kreimer • Dickens Olewe Evolving 3D Production Into Immersive Technologies ACC Room 12ABAlastair Green • Brian Vogt • Michael Wilken Food Criticism in the Digital Age Driskill Hotel MaximilianAlison Cook • Jonathan Gold • Evan Kleiman • Helen Rosner Future of Health Tech: Going Beyond Tracking JW Marriott Room 201-202Cédric Hutchings • Mark Prince Getting Men Comfortable with Mobile Shopping JW Marriott Room 205Troy Alexander • Javier Laval • Gregory Lowe How Framing Affects Privacy Decisions JW Marriott Salon 4Matthew McGlone Is EU Privacy Legislation Killing Data Science? Hilton Austin Downtown Salon JSimon Morrissey • Aurélie Pols Is Gamification the Key to Engaging Mobile? Hyatt Regency Austin Texas Ballroom 4-7Howard Kingston It's The End of The Internet As We Know It... Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 1Micha Benoliel • Gautam Chandna • Kevin Fitchard • Jan Standal • Chris Weasler Minimal Viable Pub: How to Open a Pub on $5k JW Marriott Salon 2Jim Carroll • Alan Coleman • Trevor O\'Shea Not the Fun Police: Leveraging HR the Right Way Hilton Austin Downtown Salon EKelli Dragovich • Margaret Wheeler Phant.io: The Super-Lightweight Internet of Things JW Marriott Room 211-212Christopher Clark Pushing the Envelope Forward: Latin@s in Tech ACC Ballroom EFrancesca Escoto-Zavala • Kety Esquivel • Deldelp Medina • Rosalinda Zepeda SADvertising: Why Tears Are the New Tactic Hyatt Regency Austin Hill Country ABCDHeidi Arthur • Pete Carter • Teressa Iezzi • PJ Pereira Soundscape Your Smarter Workplace JW Marriott Room 408-409Julian Treasure • Philip Vanhoutte Technology Needs Latinas: Bold Decision Makers ACC Room 6ABDaniela Victoria González • Ana Karen Ramirez Tellez The Disruptors Dream Team Hilton Austin Downtown Salon FDavid Duncan • Nicole Fisher • Bernard Munos • Melinda Richter Tools of an Industrial Craftsman JW Marriott Salon BAndrew Crow • Greg Petroff • Kendra Shimmell Top Ten Ways to Be A Great Technology Startup Hilton Austin Downtown Salon DRebecca Taylor Uncertainty: Predictive Analytics in Health Care JW Marriott Room 203-204Priyanka Agarwal • Nick Crocker • Christina Farr • Malay Gandhi What Will You Build with Watson on Bluemix? Radisson Town Lake Riverside BallroomSwami Chandrasekaran When the Glimpse Is Worth More Than the Glare Hyatt Regency Austin Zilker Ballroom 2Frank Danna • Darren Lachtman • Annie Park • Michael Platco Why You Will Invest in the Sub-Saharan Africa ACC Room 10ABTaiwo Ajetunmobi • Kwame Dougan • Maya Horgan Famodu • Dapo Okubadejo • Stephen Ozoigbo • Pule Taukobong You Can't Sit with Us: Craft Beer Subculture Driskill Hotel Driskill BallroomJosh Hare • Matt McGinnis • Christopher Sheppard • Caroline Wallace

5:15pm CDT